Tamegroute Vert / Menthe & The

Fragrance: Mint and tea

The intoxicating freshness of a crumpled mint leaf between your hands, barely spiced up with hints of green tea. The pottery of Tamegroute offers real works of art in terms of pottery, but above all sublime colours for pieces that can be of a beautiful green enamel or ochre and brown. The art and decoration enthusiasts appreciate this Moroccan ancestral art, this Berber pottery, rustic which remains very particular and specific to this small town of the Moroccan south, located near Zagora.

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Côté Bougie invites you on a journey: destination Marrakech. From the fragrances of the souk to the scent of traditional Moroccan tea, not to mention the hundreds of spices whose smells fill the alleys of the Medina … Made in our workshops, with a pure cotton wick, and no added colouring.

In the Sahara desert lies Tamegroute, a small village with a rich and vibrant history in Morocco. Tamegroute is home to seven families, each with their own oven and workshop. Creating pottery in a signature green shade, the craftsmanship and skill is beautifully authentic to the region.


Cote Bougie

Côté Bougie Biography

Côté Bougie originates from an artisanal family house in Marrakech, specifically Sidi Ghanem. Their collections combine traditional experience with modern design, promoting Moroccan artisans and their longstanding processes. Their unique fragrances create an atmosphere most reminiscent of the rich natural environment in Morocco. The subtle perfumes used are sourced from the international capital of perfumery, Grasse. Côté Bougie encourages environmental sustainability in its products - Using 100% vegetable wax, made from renewable products and hand-braided cotton wicks for a light burn. Their containers are created using handcrafted glass, recycled and produced by the Moroccan company Kessy Verre.

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