Sabra Dana Noir / Oud

Fragrance: Orange blossom

The scent of Orange Blossom at the return of spring exudes a subtle sunny wake, which spreads through the busy streets of Marrakech. The scent offers a suave, fresh and sensual scent. This candle is embroidered with sfifa thread, which is a vegetable thread that represents the symbol of tradition. Woven from black plant silk (Sfifa), golden ribbon 1 wick – 100% cotton wick – Oud.

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This candle is woven from black plant silk (Sfifa), golden ribbon 1 wick – 100% cotton wick – Oud. Côté Bougie invites you on a journey: destination Marrakech. From the fragrances of the souk to the scent of traditional Moroccan tea, not to mention the hundreds of spices whose smells fill the alleys of the Medina … Made in our workshops, with a pure cotton wick, and no added colouring.


Cote Bougie

Côté Bougie Biography

Côté Bougie originates from an artisanal family house in Marrakech, specifically Sidi Ghanem. Their collections combine traditional experience with modern design, promoting Moroccan artisans and their longstanding processes. Their unique fragrances create an atmosphere most reminiscent of the rich natural environment in Morocco. The subtle perfumes used are sourced from the international capital of perfumery, Grasse. Côté Bougie encourages environmental sustainability in its products - Using 100% vegetable wax, made from renewable products and hand-braided cotton wicks for a light burn. Their containers are created using handcrafted glass, recycled and produced by the Moroccan company Kessy Verre.

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