Kente Waist Bag

Jermaine Bleu brings a contemporary twist to the traditional men’s side bag. Paying homage to the brand’s Ghanaian roots by using high quality, hand-woven kente cloth, this bag is all form and all function.

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The details:

100% cotton, handcrafted in Ghana

Machine wash on delicate, do not tumble dry


Jermaine Bleu

Jermaine Bleu Biography

This collection was inspired by the beauty and freedom of youth. A freedom creative director, Jermaine Asiedu, didn’t feel when growing up in the conservative country. A freedom that members of the society bullied him into thinking was shameful. This collection is named homecoming because it’s a celebration of youth and the freedoms and joys it comes with. Freedoms and joys that will no more be stifled by society.


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