Mint Ivory Butter

From the plush African shea tree comes this cure-all, time-honoured treasure – shea butter. It’s precious nutrients melt perfectly with olive and vitamin E oils to create this blend that has been whipped passionately to nurture every skin cell deeply. With a good range of rose & vanilla, lemongrass, coconut and mint, we’re sure you’d find the perfect scent for you.

Size: 250ml

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Crowned with the warming scents to calm the senses and reduce fine lines. Suitable for all skin types.

Note: Ivory Butter may melt when exposed to high temperatures.

Shelf life: 1 year



Arami Biography

Arami began with one simple belief: the body is a temple, a sacred place to be treated mindfully and what touches our skin, seeps within, restoring serenity, purity and balance to the centre of our world. This is why we created a simple regimen of multi-use beauty essentials, handcrafted with simple natural ingredients from the Lushlands of Africa, which have been trusted for centuries to keep your body pure and your skin glowing. To ensure ingredient integrity and maximise product efficacy, it is made authentically in Africa. Arami which means “my body” in the rhythm of Yoruba, invites you to indulge in the calming practice of a simple skincare routine designed to beautify the skin, unburden the mind and lift the spirit. We believe that truly glowing skin comes from a serenity borne out of respect for oneself and the world we inhabit.  We hope that choosing Arami inspires you to go beyond non-toxic beauty and seek the benefits of simplicity, wellness and balance in all aspects of life.


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