Front Face Complex Small Pot

Created in small batches, each Endo Squared pot is hand painted and unique. No two are ever the same. With love, from Kenya.

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Endo Squared

Endo² is a Kenyan apparel and accessories brand run by sisters Yvonne and Patti Endo, with products inspired by Patti’s unique continuous line artwork. Initially starting on Instagram and Tumblr page to showcase Patti’s work, and their fashion, it has now grown to become a brand showcasing Patti’s art on different products, including collaborations with brands like Sandstorm and Saba Studios. All their pieces are gender-neutral, making them inclusive and accessible to anyone aspiring to make a minimal yet bold statement.

The minimalist theme, as well as the brush pens and inks used in each piece pays homage to their Japanese roots. The inspiration to bring the brand to life was drawn from their life in Nairobi. Patti Endo’s continuous line work is inspired by icons like Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Henri Matisse. Like them, her work mainly centres around the human body and self-portraits.

The Endos attribute the growth of their brand to the support from their peers, and most importantly sisterhood, which comes with similar taste, vision, mindsets and trust. They hope to inspire young women to go for their dreams, as well as motivate them to stay true to themselves to allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Dimensions 13 cm


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